Hi. Glad you found my page in this big mysterious World Wide Web (a.k.a WWW)

— About ME — 

Monday through Friday I am a  Comm. Specialist from 8 AM – 5PM, and by 5:15 PM I am DIYing the hell out of  something if not everything I can get my hands on. I’ve always been a crafter growing up – I remember creating full request story books for my dad as a kid (a request story book is pretty much a story about a character, mine was a bunny, that usually ends with “see! her life is so much better after she got that toy, those shoes, dress, etc.) and I couldn’t count, even if I tried,  the number of times I got yelled at by my math teacher for not paying attention in class because I’m drawing in my notebook.

I’m a firm believer that the right colors and a pinch of creativity can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. I see beauty in old things, and love to find new ways to upcycle  them (I’m an upcycler, hence where the name UPCYD came from) into something different. Having said that, we all know every rule has an exception, so sometimes I love them JUST the way they perfectly are.

— About upcydstudio.com —

Where do I begin?

UPCYD studio started because I was crafting a lot and was showing my creations to family/friends, who suggested I open my own shop. I finally did – you can find UPCYD Studio on Etsy. You might ask, so why did you end up creating your own site?

Well – truth be told, the WWW and my dear friend, Pinterest, are full of wickedly awesome ideas and DIYs that I love to take on. But the thing is, one simple project has about a thousand or so DIY ways. So I experiment, skip steps (sometimes), tweak this, change that, and come up with my own ways or simply add my own two cents. upcydstudio.com is my way of sharing my own DIYs and the different things I try (did I mention i’m an aspiring cook that dreams of owning her own food truck one day?). So every now and then you’ll find recipes that I attempt to make 😀

I hope you enjoy my site and that it motivates you to get inventive!

keep creativity flowing 🙂